Collecting fallen leaves & Baked Mint Flavoured Baby Potatoes

I recently read a piece about how doctors in Scotland are now prescribing nature as therapy for ailments. And what a lovely thing that is. But nature is so much more than just therapy.

It is the song of our soul.

And so an afternoon spent in finding the leaf that’s just the right shade that one loves is far more invigorating than any other form of fun for kids. My son seems to have inherited my fascination for the different types and colours of leaves that we see around us. Both of us pick up leaves of all hues and shapes wherever we go.

And while they might be leaves that are fallen or will dry up over a period of time, the joy they give us in the moment we pick them up is immense. It is as though you were given the beautiful opportunity to see how God painted each leaf in such a unique manner.



And after a long, soul-satisfying fallen-leaf hunting session, a simple warm and hearty snack of Baked Mint flavoured baby potatoes ( vegan, gluten-free) is all that one needs, to wrap up the day.


Baby potatoes sliced into half   8-10

Mint (some leaves and 2 tsp dried)



Olive oil   2 tbsp


  1. Boil 8-10 baby potatoes
  2. Add them onto the baking tray.
  3. Mix the oil and seasoning
  4. Drizzle and toss the potatoes.
  5. Add the fresh mint leaves too
  6. Bake for 20-30 minutes at 200 degrees C
  7. And serve hot.


A similar version of this recipe has also been shared on the What Parents Ask parenting platform as part of my initiative with Dr Debmita Dutta on #CookHealthyMealsEveryday

Check out our Thursday menu there !




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