Not running in the rat race & Wholewheat Jowar Coconut Mawa Cookies

You never find peace by running in a rat race, competing to be better than ‘the rest’.

Who are the people under this elusive definition of ‘the rest’? Individuals just like you – striving to reach personal goals, struggling to balance against challenges.

People who are just the same as you – and that sameness is actually a strength. Because many a time, sameness leads to finding your identity, not losing it.

And becoming partners to create a community sustains your work instead of taking away from it.

My work in healthy baking was sustained by creating the Ovenderful Mom Bakers Community. And women inspiring other women through that network has slowly become the foundation it thrives on.

The thrust to grow and nurture the community came after meeting Sheryl in November 2017.

And so Collaboration before and above Competition – always.

On that note of collaboration let me also share how Ovenderful Mom Bakers Community is collaborating with Jus Amazin, which has excellent products such as nut and seed butters, as well as their delicious 10-second Almond Milk. Jus Amazin has been running the Pre-Conference Activity for the members, in the form of a Contest!

So it is great to see how bakers use these healthy ingredients to come up with innovative bakes. Let me share a quick recipe I tried out too.

Recipe –

Ingredients –

1/2 cup wholewheat flour

1/2 cup jowar

1/4 cup dessicated coconut

1/2 cup raw unrefined sugar

1/2 tsp Fab Toasted Coconut flavour ( Premium)

75 gms unsweetened Mawa

2 tbsp ghee

Jus Amazin Almond milk (2-3 tbsp) 

Method –

Mix the two flours well. Add the unrefined sugar to it and whisk. Add the dessicated coconut. Break the mawa into pieces and rub it into the flours-sugar mix. Then add the ghee and mix it. You may add more ghee if you think it seems too dry. Dissolve the Toasted Coconut flavour in the Almond milk and then add the milk to this dough to bring it together.

Keep it in the fridge for an hour and then take it out and shape it. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 170 degrees C for 12-15 minutes or until the sides are hardened. Allow it to cool off completely on a wire rack and then keep in air tight container.


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